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Industrial crypto mining
Infrastructure for the blockchain

The MINERIO solution


The characteristics

  • Efficient crypto mining possible through industrial scaling
  • Fixed term of 24 months
  • Revenues are shared transparently in the proportion of 60 to 40 percent
  • Monthly payout in Euro or Bitcoins
  • Return on investment in about 6 to 7 months


  • Manufacturer of the devices guarantees 100% ROI after 18 months
  • Auditors control the income and expenses
  • Business area protection
  • Containers and equipment are insured
  • Trained team with track record

Upcoming investments

  • Partners in the network have already invested more than 10 million euros
  • Network operates 0.7% of global hash power
  • Planned investments per week 1.5 million euros
  • Best time to enter “Crypto Mining”

Industrial crypto mining

Business Strategy

“Crypto Mining” is the backbone of the Blockchain network

Mining Efficiency

Product Development

profitable crypto mining must be set up according to industrial standards

We offer profitable crypto mining for private investors from 30,000 Euros with the acquisition of computers

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